Reconciling the (ir)Reconcilable

These blogs are like a perpetual conversation, flowing from one topic to the next, all connected in a web of philosophies and perspectives and experiences. My inspiration to write stems from:

  • a short memoir I wrote for a philosophy class during my last semester as an adult undergraduate at Cornell University. The memoir explored themes of Solitude, Reconciliation of Old Regrets with Present Realities, and Nothingness;
  • the ending of a most cherished 9-year relationship, which caused me (at the time) to feel more heartache, sadness, and despair than I’ve ever known, alongside a strange acceptance, stoicism, and calming sense of strength; and
  • a growing need to dig deeper into my evolving philosophies and examine how my personal experiences affect my perspectives.

Influencing that growing need mentioned above are:

Future influences will be derived from deeper readings, future heartbreaks and other intense emotions, and study of the collection of philosophy and other books I’ve amassed and still have thanks to the bestest of friends who help me move all many my boxes of books from one temporary dwelling to another.

Now and then, my older writings and other projects, some of which may be less polished (more embarrassing), will show up.

I intend for this site to be a sort of living document. What does that mean for content? I’m not completely sure yet, except that it will evolve as I evolve.

<3, C – 20171021